About Us


YouGenomics provides genomics big data analytics for academic institutions, hospitals; and pharmaceutical and biotechnological enterprises. Our mission is to empower scientists to conduct cutting-edge genomics research by facilitating biological insights and clinical interpretations from the raw data.

We are committed to

  • Making large-scale genomic analytics affordable and accessible
  • Creating a secure and flexible big genomics data management infrastructure

Over the past several years, sequencing technologies have evolved at an unprecedented rate making high-throughput genetic screening more accurate and affordable. This has redefined the scale, scope, precision and power of the study of human pathophysiology. Genetic defects are being discovered and characterized far more often, paving the way to new treatments of previously untreatable diseases.

However, such discoveries mostly happen in specialized laboratories with access to high-performance computing resources and a team of skilled bioinformaticians/computational biologists. At YouGenomics we believe that in-house computing resources and bioinformatics expertise should not be a hurdle in diagnosing and treating genetic disorders. Based on our nearly decade-long experience in biomedical research, YouGenomics was founded to overcome common problems that make genetic discoveries out of reach for a large proportion of scientists. We make sequence analysis and interpretation easily accessible to all research communities.

With the YouGenomics platform, researchers in any part of the world have access to both Genome Analysis Engine (GAE) and Genome Interpretation Engine (GIE). The GAE is a scalable computational resource with simplified ways to implement industry standard or custom sequence analysis workflows. The GIE provides a web interface that integrates user data with a wide array of biological and clinical annotations while allowing the user to easily prioritize phenotype-dependent variants. Together, GAE and GIE provide a seamless workflow that transform incomprehensible raw genomic data into biologically relevant answers.


Avinash Abhyankar, MD, PhD

Avinash has over two decades of experience in the fields of medicine, bioinformatics and human genetics. After completing MD in India specializing in infectious diseases, Avinash pursued advanced education in bioinformatics and human genetics in Sweden. His post-doctoral work at Rockefeller University, New York focused on using next-generation sequencing techniques to unravel genetic defects underlying susceptibility to various infectious diseases. During his career he has made major contributions to the understanding of genetics of complex disorders like type 2 diabetes to rare monogenic forms of severe pediatric disorders. Avinash also leads the Clinical Informatics group at the New York Genome Center, New York focusing on translating high-throughput sequencing data to personalized therapies for human cancers and constitutional disorders.

Avinash Abhyankar